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                                                                        WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO 

            We are a group of Registered Nurses and Nurse Consultants. We provide nurse lead case management to assist nurses in responding to complaints made to State Boards of Nursing. We will work with you if you are without attorney representation or we will work with you and your attorney. Our team includes nurses from a variety of clinical specialties. All of our nurse consultants have extensive clinical experience and are thoroughly familiar with the process of a board investigation and the nursing board disciplinary process. We work with you by assigning you a Case Manager and a Masters prepared, former board of nursing investigator consults on every case. A few of the services we offer are:

  • Researching the applicable standard of care to rebut board charges;

  • Determining if your investigator is qualified by experience, and education to speak to the standard of care being represented (Investigators may not  be experienced in your specialty or even nurses.);

  • Assistance in obtaining your board file and any evidence in the board’s possession;

  • Assistance in writing rebuttal letters;

  • Assistance with answering further correspondence from the board;

  • Assistance with formulating questions to gather information from your investigator;

  • Assistance with arranging either requested by the board or to support your defense such things as toxicology testing, polygraphs, or personality testing (i.e. MMPI);

  • Assistance with generally working up your case;

  • Assistance in preparing for an informal hearing;

  • Assistance in obtaining discovery and helping you get all discovery needed;

  • Assistance with preparing and filing motions and;

  • Preparing for State Office of Administrative Hearing trials and,

  • Locating expert witnesses to testify on your behalf at Administrative Hearing.

     We do not insist you have an attorney if you cannot afford one, though we recommend you plan to hire an attorney in the eventuality your case goes to an administrative hearing. Finding yourself having been reported to the board of nursing is one of the most anxiety producing and potentially costly experiences you will ever go through. There is however, hope and help available. We are your advocate and guide you through every step of the process.  We have assisted nurses come to a successful resolution to a board of nursing action against their license. We can help you along the way and though we do not make any promises as to a particular outcome, we have been successful in helping nurses defeat charges against their license. We do not charge for our services. Instead we rely solely on donations from the nurses we help. Not charging for our assistance in no way limits our commitment to helping you. We are dedicated to doing all we can to support you and assist you in dealing effectively with the board of nursing.  Below is what nurses we have helped defeat an action against their license are saying  about us:

  • With my unjust dealings with a nursing board ruling against me with impunity, I feel so blessed to have found Darlene Nelson. She had my back every step of the way, including helping me write my request for reconsideration letter to the board after their baseless ruling. I’m lucky enough to have had a positive outcome as the board capitulated and withdrew their ruling. I could not have done this without Darlene’s help.”       Tom Maxwell

  • "I love being a nurse regardless of the challenges we face day to day. When I was falsely charged, reported to the board, and retaliated against I felt helpless and isolated. I had to remember that I'm wasn't alone and my license was hard earned. I wasn't willing to give up easily. I looked for an advocate who would fight with and I found Darlene. She has given me priceless advice, an ear to listen to my concerns, and an overall resource of information. Being a nurse herself, she understands what happens in nurse practice. I'm so appreciate for her help." DA

  • "Darlene and Associates have been an amazing resource while I’m dealing with the board of nursing. They literally are the first knowledgeable people who have listened to my entire situation while asking pointed and important questions. The Board has contacted not one person, not even me!, to see what the real story is. They have provided me with education on the process, a check list to make sure my lawyer has requested everything she has legal right to ask for, as well as codes backing up all of my decisions. I feel much more confident going in to my mediation and am planning on helping them see to it that the Nursing Board has appropriate oversight in the future to help other nurses. I can’t recommend these people enough. You NEED them on your side!"  Michelle R

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My answer is a flat no. Justice is not their aim. Truth is lost within the process. In criminal matters how the Board forces a nurse to a finding of guilty would be considered prosecutorial misconduct. Civil rights and due process are ignored. 

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December 3, 2018

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