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Another good nurse out of circulation!!!!! Due to Unjust board of nursing!

Join us as we seek due process to nurses under investigation.... it’s not happening! Just talked to a ICU nurse who was reported after unstable patient developed bedsores. The patient was on CRRT (continuous renal replacement therapy) and it’s conventional dialysis because he was on stable and on vasopressors...... the clincher is is that I was named in this lawsuit but because I cared for the patient after he developed the sore. This easily could’ve been me, YOU! anyone can be reported to the board and if you don’t get a competent investigator you’re going to have sanctions on your license! This nurse hasn’t worked since 2011 she’s lost her marriage, she’s gonna lose her home and working for minimum-wage caring for a special needs child. We have to stand together we have to ask for change!

If you’ve been reported in investigated by the border nursing a Texas please reach out to us we would love to help you.

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