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Medication error causes nurse to be charged with HOMICIDE!!!!!

I know sometimes the legal words are hard for nurses to understand ... and why we are here.... but it get REAL when it's your license. I cannot tell you how many nurses I've heard from scared to death because they got the DREADED CERTIFIED LETTER in the mail. Every time you touch a patient you risk your license. That's reality and in the busy world we live it that's a reality. Look at NURSE VANDERBILT who gave a wrong medication - a paralytic to a patient who subsequently died.

Interesting enough the board of nursing investigated and found no negligence but it was picked up as a criminal case and the nurse was charged with HOMICIDE!!!! HOMICIDE!!!

We are here to help educate as well, There is administrative law, criminal and civil law and we are subjected to all of them when we hold a license and please please please don't ever think that your immune unless you've retried your license (you have to write the board and actually tell them that) your a nurse and subjected to all 3! I have stories!

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