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NURSES!!! Who represents you?!

How does change happen at the Capital… that was a question I had this year as it was the first time I was ever in the Capital building weaving in and out of halls talking to representatives about my concerns…. And they listened!!!! It was crazy! I had the privilege of being there with TxAAPS as well as Sheila Hemphill. Thanks to these folks I was able to bring our concerns about the lack of oversight for the Texas Board of Nursing to Texas Representatives. It was very overwhelming and had it not been for Sheila Hemphill especially I would have never been able to get in touch with the right individuals and bring our concerns forward. How do YOU do that?

Find your representative and email them:

As a (nurse/physician….insert license type) and constituent who holds a license in the state of Texas I would like Oversight for the Texas Board of Nursing. It has come to my understanding that there is no oversight for any board in the state of Texas and as a licensee I have grave concerns about that and would like to see that they have proper oversight i.e., an Ombudsman. The fox cannot oversee the hen house and the board needs to be overseen.

Thank you for your attention in this matter,

It is our representative’s responsibility to work with us to make change once concerns are brought to their attention. Let’s hold them accountable! Help me, help us! Reach out!

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