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Dr. Death, and Those Who Knew. Were They Complicit?

There is one area of Dr. Duntsch's ( and in fact other Physicians) that is being overlooked.  It is those who were complicate. Many Nurse Directors of operating rooms and surgical units knew and were repeatedly made aware of Dr. Death's maiming and killing people. Chief Nursing Officers also knew and yet failed to act as is their duty to do. Nurses reported Dr Death to their Nursing Administrators and were silenced by terminating them or worse the popular tactic of reporting nurses to the Board of Nursing.

The Texas BON knows many Nurse Administrators violated the Texas Nurse Practice Act in their failure to advocate for patients and take action to prevent further harm. Yet the BON will not pursue these Nurse Administrators with charges. They will pursue the nurses who did report and were retaliated against with trumped up charges. In this and several similar cases the BON is failing to meet their assigned duty to protect the public. The Nurse Administrators and the BON should face consequences for their being complicate. Yet as our system is they are untouchable . Hence such grotesque negligence and murder will continue as the cult of silence lives on


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