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I was surprised when I sat down to write this. Surprised by the fear. Fear of retaliation, that still haunts me even years after being falsely accussed by the Texas Board of Nursing. I pushed back the fear and realized there was a new light of hope. Regardless of how small, hope is slim when it comes to the Texas Board of Nursing's commitment to justice and a fair disciplinary process. But there is new, very good news meant to benefit nurses. With the help of Texas Right to Know, we have achieved having a link added to the Texas Board of Nursing website specifically to file a complaint against the Board. If a nurse was the victim of an incompetent investigation, denial of due process, false charges or abuse of power by the Board they now have an avenue of redress. It is not a perfect answer. Complaints are forwarded to the legal department for investigation by the Board's attorneys. The very same attorneys who defend the Texas Board of Nurses in cases against nurses. It is difficult to imagine an umbiased review of a disciplinary action when the reviewer is essentially reviewing themselves. If you are a nurse facing a Board investigation or discipline, we can help.

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