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The Toxic Clinical Setting

Where is the Funding and Research? The Toxic Hospital.

Not hospitals, professional regulatory bodies, licensing bodies, or the government want to talk about 440,000 deaths a year caused from medical errors. Yet errors are the 3rd leading cause of death, an emergent crisis. Most error related deaths have as their root cause system failures and issues. Many of those issues can be tracked to the pressures imposed on care givers from the cooperate healthcare model. Nurses and Physicians are under pressure to hurry. Hurry to meet metrics. Failure to have good numbers brings reprimand and threats to continued employment. Such stressors lead to a competitive and tense work environment. Ethical dilemmas haunt care givers as they are restricted from providing focused care. These stressors support the thriving of bullying and disruptive behaviours. A toxic work environment causes breakdown in communication amongst nurses and Physicians. Communication breakdown is the leading root cause of bad outcomes. So, when are these issues going to be really addressed? When is there going to be funding and research to support ending this crisis? Are we going to wait until it is the 2nd leading cause of death? We can be silent no more. Patient's lives matter. #hospitals #nursing


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