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I found this reply to an article at. RED FLAG accreditation

I inspected one hospital that I’m confident TJC would have ruled immediate threat to life and issued either conditional or non-accreditation. The DNV accredited them. As a patient safety advocate, that was very disturbing. I have another client that actually complained that the survey was a sham and has asked my company to come give them a “real” survey. The problem is that the DNV will not “flunk” a hospital. So, if a hospital hires the DNV, they will be accredited, at least for a year. I have also seen many hospitals go back to TJC from DNV once they’ve reached the 4 year mark when DNV requires adoption of ISO 9001. Many of them will even admit that they went DNV for three years because their surveys are “easy” and “no fail” and had no intention of ever implementing ISO 9001 processes. Hospitals should be a safe place to be an employee, visitor or patient. It is the responsibility of each hospital, along with their accrediting body, to do all that they can to assure a safe environment for patient care. I encourage hospitals to do the right thing, and that is to maintain a safe hospital and not just strive to meet the minimum standards of any accrediting organization

Janet 5 hours ago Reply

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