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Update Texas Board of Nursing 

Texas Board of Nursing update: My associates and I had a lengthy conference with the Governor's office today. We presented several cases and evidence of a pattern of refusing due process rights to nurses and prosecuting nurses under false charges. We established that there has been a change in how the Board manages allegations against nurses. Nurses are now being denied an informal hearing and charges filed without the nurse ever having the opportunity to be heard or defend themselves. Agreed was that the Director of Enforcement, a non nurse, criminal investigator is vetoing decesions by the investigation division and Kathy Thomas the Executive Director of the board. The Director of Enforcement is unilaterally rejecting proposals to dismiss charges and insisting on pursuing charges. Nurses are decided to be guilty without a fair hearing, served with proposed charges and told unless they sign the orders they will be set for trial at the State Office of Administrative Hearings. This is blatant abuse of power. The Governor's office agreed to further investigate.


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